Workforce Development

Workforce development and planning in the dairy industry is widely recognised as being critical to ensuring the sustainability of the industry.

As one of the largest dairying regions in Australia, producing 23 per cent of Australia’s milk, the Murray Dairy region employs over 10,000 people directly in the dairy industry in the farming and processing sectors.

The Murray Dairy Strategic Plan 2013-2016, which outlines the areas in which Murray Dairy can successfully support dairy farmers and identifies opportunities for increasing quality outcomes, identifies “Growing skills and capability in the Murray Dairy region” as one of its four key priorities.

This priority is supported through several Dairy Australia strategic documents, including the Dairy Australia Strategic Plan 2012-2016, Dairy Moving Forward and Horizon 2020: Future Scenarios for the Australian Dairy Industry.

Workforce Development Strategy Workforce Development Strategy (761 KB)

North East Dairy Regional Growth Plan & Workforce Development Strategy

The North East Dairy Regional Growth Plan and Workforce Development  Strategy includes:

> A review of the current status of the dairy industry in the region and the major challenges it will need to overcome if it is to achieve growth

> A vision for how the dairy industry could achieve sustainable growth

> Identification of priority areas for action within the scope of local control

> A specific strategy for addressing the challenges of meeting workforce needs in line with the identification of the area as a primary challenge to growth

> A strategic framework for action including the roles of the key stakeholders in supporting the agenda for action, and how the process can be managed towards a successful outcome.