This page provides resources and links to relevant irrigation water availability information for the Murray Dairy region.


Goulburn Murray Water

GMW has functions and powers to store, manage and deliver water across most of Northern Victoria, including manage and operate an irrigation district (section 221), a water district (section 163) and a waterway management district (section 189). GMW services a region of 68,000 square kilometres, bordered by the Great Dividing Range to the south, the River Murray to the north and stretching from Corryong in the east to Nyah in the west.

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Murray Irrigation Limited

Murray Irrigation provides irrigation water to over 2,300 farms in southern NSW. Our area of operation stretches from Mulwala in the east to Moulamein in the west, taking in 748,000 hectares of farmland north of the Murray River.    

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Water Trading Tool Kit

Water is a critical input for irrigated dairy farms in the Murray Dairy region. Farmers therefore need an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting their access to water. The total water available for irrigation has reduced due to the Murray Darling Basin Plan and a period of below average inflows into the major storages. It is now more important than ever for farmers to have a better understanding of the water market and how they can access water.

Participating in the water market is now an essential part of dairy businesses in the Murray Dairy Region, it is vital as irrigators to develop skills and knowledge to make informed, effective and timely water management decisions.

This booklet is designed to help farmers improve their understanding of the factors influencing their access to water and assist in developing practical water purchasing strategies.

Water Trading Tool Kit Booklet