Strategic priorities

Murray Dairy’s strategic plan for 2016/17 - 2019/20 is committed to its vision of supporting the region in building profitable and valued dairy business.

Murray Dairy Strategic Direction


Committed to building profitable and valued dairy businesses


Enabling the dairy industry to have the capacity to adapt to change

Strategic Priorities

1. Growing skills and capability in the Murray Dairy Region

Building the skills and capability of the dairy industry is the major strategic priority of Murray Dairy and accounts for 70% of expenditure. In the past the focus of all capability building was on dairy farmers, however Murray Dairy will increasingly look to enhance the skills and capability of the broader industry service sector that supports dairy farm businesses in the region.

Delivery is aligned to the Dairy Moving Forward strategic themes of:

• Feedbase & animal nutrition
• Animal performance
• Land, water & carbon
• Farm business management
• People

2. Protecting and promoting the dairy industry in the Murray Dairy Region

Activities in the Murray Dairy region will build on and implement the initiatives taken at a National scale to maintain the industry’s social licence to operate, respond and recover from emergencies and to attract people to work in the industry.

Strategic themes:

• Disaster response and recovery
• Biosecurity
• Animal welfare
• Careers & employment opportunities
• Encouraging and supporting new entrants

3. Strengthening Murray Dairy’s partnerships

Murray Dairy is one of many organisations that provide services and resources to dairy farmers in the region. Opportunities exist to build on existing collaborations to attract more resources, improve delivery, access additional successful programs and skills to better meet the needs of dairy farmers in the region.

Strategic themes:

• Leveraging resources
• Influencing service delivery
• Access to expertise
• Building collaborative industry networks
• Effective engagement and communication