Setting Up Your Season Sessions

Murray Dairy hosted five Setting Up Your Season sessions around the region designed to assist farmers in getting the most out of the up-coming season.

These workshops included guest speakers from Goulburn Murray Water (GMW), Murray Irrigation Limited (MIL), Rabobank, Profarmer, and were facilitated by dairy agribusiness consultants from Farmanco and CRC Agribusiness on the following topics:

- current climatic conditions
- Grain and fodder availability and cost
- Water allocations (GMW & MIL)
- critical decision points for dairy farm business
- global outlook
- Applying management strategies matched to the seasonal conditions
- Understanding what resources and tools are available and where to find them

Videos of each of the speakers from the workshops can be found below:

Please see below for presentations, resources and links from the sessions:

Dale Gray - DEDJTR - Fast Break - Webinar
Mark Bailey - GMW - Water Availability
Perin Davey - MIL - Water Availability
Michael Harvey - Rabobank - Global Outlook
Ron Storey - Profarmer - Hay & Grain Outlook
Scott Rathbone - CRC Agrisolutions - Setting Up Your Season Presentation
Tom Farran - Farmanco - Setting Up Your Season Presentation

For more information regarding the sessions that were held, please don't hesitate to contact Murray Dairy on (03) 5833 5312 or email