Business Tool

Each season dairy farmers are faced with questions around the impact water allocations, milk price, and grain or fodder prices might have on their business’s profitability.

This business tool is designed specifically for answering these questions and will assist dairy farmers to make better informed decisions around how to manage current seasonal conditions. 

The tool is in a spreadsheet format and allows a farmer to enter their own farm business data to test the impact different water allocations, milk price and grain and fodder costs may have on their business.

The business tool also has a series of budgets, which addresses specific strategies a farmer may employ to improve their farm business profitability.

The budgets show the costs and benefits of implementing strategies such as applying more nitrogen or milking more cows.

An updated version of the business tool is now available.

The earlier version was designed assuming all home grown fodder would be consumed in the year it was produced.

As farms may have surplus home grown fodder available this year, there has been an addition to the tool to allow you to input this amount for future seasons.

Please download this version for future use.


Further information:

To obtain a hard copy of the booklet and cash management planner please contact Murray Dairy on (03) 5833 5312 or