Focus Farm: Keely - Fletcher Family

Fletcher Family - Keely

Leigh and Sasha Fletcher are managers on the Keelystation family enterprise which is owned by Leigh’s parents Rodney and Karen Fletcher. The Fletchers main aim from participating as the Focus Farm is to proceed with a family succession plan that is well communicated and is acceptable to each family member while still leaving the business viable.

Specific challenges the Fletcher’s are addressing as Focus Farmers include:
 Reduce the breakeven milk price from $6.14 per Kg Milk solids in 2015/16 to a long term average of $4.50 per Kg milk solids
 Keep a closer track on monthly cash flow in relation to annual budget and update regularly
 Developing a clear succession plan
 For the business to be profitable and support two generations of family

Farm Details

Total area - 245 ha
Milking Area - 132 ha
Dairy - 19 aside double up with individual feeders, stall gates, ADF, auto draft and 150 cow feed pad
Herd numbers - 285 cows
Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha) - 2.15
Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids) - 151,050
Water Entitlement / Owned and leased - 802 ML
Homegrown feed (t/DM/total area ha) - 8.1
Homegrown feed in diet - 70%
Cows/labour unit FTE - 142    

Open Day - Presentation 30 November 2017

Focus Farm Reports

2017    October

2016    December