Government Assistance for Farmers

Government Assistance for Farmers Experiencing Hardship

Many dairy farmers will face challenging times as a consequence of downgraded milk prices, ongoing market volatility and seasonal conditions.

The following government programs may be of assistance to farmers, their families and staff.

        Farm Household Allowance (FHA)
        Rural Financial Counsellng Services Victoria - North East
        AgBiz Assist - Small Business Financial Counselling Service - North East
        Farm Business Concessional Loans  or call Farmer Assistance Hotline 132 316 8am – 8pm

Click here for a copy of the Farm Household Allowance - January 2017 factsheet

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Australian Government services

A mobile servicing unit will soon be in your area.

The services available will include; offering Centrelink, Social Workers, Medicare, Australian taxation office, and Australian Hearing Services.

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Supporting documents at assist your online application for Farm Household Allowance

Every claim is unique, therefore information required to support your claim may vary. You may be asked to verify your identity and provide additional information to support your claim at your nearest Centrelink Service Centre or Agents and Access points.

Additional information:

Checklist for claiming Farm Household Allowance

• Centrelink (CRN) individual numbers if possible
• If you have a partner who wishes to apply, they will need to complete and submit their own claim
• Proof of identity documents
        * One document to verify your birth or arrival in Australia, such as a birth certificate, visa or citizenship certificate
        *  two other documents showing in use of your identity in the community - a primary document, such as an Australian Drivers Licence and a secondary document, such as a bank ATM card
• Shire rates notice for every property
• Title details of every property
• Water Rights Allocation documentation
• Bank account balance of each account at the date of claim
• Loan statements
• Mortgage loan agreements
• Latest tax returns and financials – personal and business
• Off farm income - from the commencement date of your claim
• Current financial year profit and loss e.g. contracting, agistment, farm profit and loss is separated from contracting. Please be aware that they are assessed as two different components.
• Milk Company share statements
• All shares and investments and their statements to support this
• List of assets e.g. Land, major plant & equipment, livestock, shares, cash in bank
• List of liabilities- e.g. all loans, hire purchase, plus any other loans or money owed