Focus Farms Project

Focus Farms in the Murray Dairy Region

The current Focus Farms are:

>John & Elise Pethybridge - Whorouly

>Leigh & Sasha Fletcher - Keely

The Focus Farms project helps farmers better understand their farm business systems and analyse the impact of on farm development and decision making options including risk management on farm.

Business goals are production or finance directed, with elements of lifestyle balance, succession planning and farm development included.

Each Focus Farm is supported by an experienced farm consultant who facilitates a support group of 12-15 people consisting of local farmers and service providers invited to participate by the Focus Farm owner.

The support group’s role is to explore options in the steps leading to reaching the goals set by Focus Farm owners and offer suggestions for management alternatives.

Each Focus Farm and support group will meet regularly up to seven times a year.

Opportunity is also provided for greater dairy community to attend open days to discuss farm performance and management changes.

Each year the goals and strategies selected are analysed and reported on through industry publications and other mediums including Rural Weekly papers.

For further information please contact Murray Dairy on (03) 5833 5312 or