Feeding Pastures for Profit

Feeding Pastures for Profit

Helps to improve profit from your dairy farm business, by using more home grown pasture and efficient use of supplements 
Feeding Pastures for Profit (FPFP) program aims to help dairy farmers to develop skills and gain confidence in making decisions around

1. How much pasture do I allocate to the herd today?
2. How much supplement should I be giving the herd today?

These decisions have a large impact on farm profit through making the most of the farm business’s available resources.
The program also provides information on:
• Growing more grass
• Profitable use of pastures and crops
• Efficient use of supplements. 
Participants from previous programs tell us that FPFP has helped them to:
• Develop confidence to change the rotation before feed runs out or gets away from them
• Develop a system to manage the use of annual crops more effectively
• Better use the potential from nitrogen fertilisers
• Manage the spring surplus better
• Simplify pasture management instruction to workers and relief milkers.

This is a twelve month program, starting with two theory days and five on farm days throughout the year to help participants apply in practise the principals of profitable feeding. This includes a one off one-to–one consultation to support your pasture rotation decisions utilizing the Rotation Right Tool. This program is an accredited NCDE course.

Enrolment Costs: $250 per person for those eligible for state Government funding no formal qualifications higher than a Diploma. $350 per person for those with a Diploma / Advanced Diploma and above.

To find out more or to register contact Murray Dairy on (03) 5833 5312 or admin@murraydairy.com.au