Dairy Processors

Several of Australia’s top 20 food companies are located in the region.

These include:

  • Nestle Foods;
  • Murray Goulburn;
  • Fonterra;
  • Goodman Fielder;
  • George Weston;
  • Dairy Farmers;
  • Masterfoods;
  • Unilever; and
  • Kraft Foods.

The major fruit and vegetable processors SPC Ardmona, Simplot Australia, Cedenco Australia and Heinz Watties, along with Greenham’s and Gathercole’s abattoirs are also located in the region.

All of the major dairy companies in Australia have a presence in the MD region that demonstrates the importance of the region to the industry.

The major companies that are involved in on farm collection of milk in the region include:

  • Dairy Farmers;
  • De Cicco Industries Pty Ltd;
  • Fonterra;
  • Murray Goulburn;
  • National Foods;
  • Pauls; and
  • Tatura Milk Industries.

The region provides a consistent reliable milk flow that is attractive to milk processors as they seek to match their milk flow with the needs of the market.

Competition for milk supply is strong in the region that provides choice for farmers to whom they wish to supply.

The different companies offer alternative payment options that again allows for choice for farmers to select the best option that suits their particular farming system.

No Upfront Fees

In Australia there is generally no up-front costs to supply a milk company, which reduces the amount of capital required to start a dairy operation, forming a significant advantage compared to other countries.

However, some of the milk cooperatives may have a share off take that makes up part of the payment for milk and provides an opportunity for farmers to grow equity in the milk company they supply.