Dairy Business Networks

Murray Dairy developed a strategy titled Growing the Murray Dairy Region in 2007 that focused on supporting existing farm business to recover from drought and grow in the future.

This led to the development of the Dairy Business Network (DBN) pilot project.

DBNs are groups of eight to 15 dairy farm business that meet eight times a year with a suitably qualified consultant to:

  • Improve farm business management skills;
  • Review the performance of their business;
  • Analyse future management changes or capital investments; and
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for their businesses.

Farmers participating in the DBN also have the opportunity gain four National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) competency units in Analyse Business Performance (Year 1) and Review and Develop Business Plans, Manage Production Systems and Prepare and Monitor Budgets (Year 2).

Farmers are assessed by their consultant during the course of the program.

Murray Dairy currently has five DBN groups in place across Northern Victoria and the Southern Riverina.

You can read about participant stories here.

Further information:

For further information or to register your interest in joining a group please contact:
Murray Dairy on (03) 5833 5312 or