Cool Cows Cost Benefit Calculator

This is a new web-tool which can be found on the Cool Cows website.

The tool will help farmers who are interested in investing in shade, sprinklers and fans to help improve their farm's capacity to keep cows cool, but are unsure:

  • How much heat stress is currently costing them, and / or
  • How soon they would get their money back on a new investment in cooling infrastructure.

The tool enables you to assess three things:

  1. Your herd's level of susceptibility to heat stress (low/moderate/high) based on your breed, herd age profile and milk production level;
  2. How much heat stress is currently costing you per year based on:
    - Your herd's susceptibility;
    - Where your farm is located;
    - Your herd size;
    - Average annual milk price; and
    - What cooling infrastructure you already have in place on the farm at three locations - paddocks and laneways, dairy yard and feed pad; and
  3. Return on Investment and Payback Period for a new cooling infrastructure option of interest (and compare options).