Building Your Future

"Building Your Future"

The 2012 Murray Dairy Business Forum was held on Wednesday 5th December 2012 at the Moama Bowling Club.

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Powerpoint presentations from the guest speakers are availale below.

Managing Grain, Supplements & Dairy Risk (Steve Little, Ron Storey)

Steve Little and Ron Storey, together with a local farmer, will look at the ins and outs of buying grain and other supplements for your dairy herd, and the strategies available to dairy farmers to actively manage bought feed price, supply and quality risks.

The session will cover:

- Forward contracts and other tools available to manage feed price risk

- The key terms which should be negotiated with a feed supplier whenever you buy

- Building relationships with grain growers and other feed suppliers

- Using feed lab testing services to protect yourself from feed quality risk

The session will be supported with resources available to farmers including Dairy Australia’s Grain and Hay Report, ‘A Dairy Farmers Guide to Buying Grain’ booklet, and ‘Feed Report’ tool.


Murray Darling Basin Plan - Revised Draft? (Claire Miller)

What the Murray Darling Basin Plan will mean for dairy farmers in the aftermath of the political approvals process, and how it compares against triple-bottom line criteria.


Reproductive Performance in the Australian Dairy Industry (Charlie Perotti)

With fertility a major challenge for Australian dairy farmers and the generation of pregnancies a key economic driver on a dairy, proper techniques to optimize heat detection and conception rates are an essential skill in all herds regardless of size.

With little improvement in Australian submission rates and conception rates in recent years, increasing herd sizes and challenges of staffing and changing feed systems, Charlie will offer insight into how to improve reproductive performance and boost milk production in Murray Dairy region herds.


Dairy Futures CRC (Dr David Nation)

Australian dairy farmers are a major investor in the Dairy Futures Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) which is a $128 million partnership between Dairy Australia, Australian and Victorian governments, pasture and cattle companies, dairy companies, industry bodies, universities and the CSIRO.

CEO, Dr David Nation will deliver a brief update on the activities and outcomes at the Dairy Futures CRC, which aims to deliver research-based productivity gains that directly benefit farmers, the industry and community through large scale research projects.


Tactics for Tight Times - Focus Farmers on the Couch

Succession and Business Planning (Kim Lee)

Business and succession planning are critical for a successful and profitable dairy business. Relationships between business partners and family members, strong direction and clarity of goals, increased financial awareness and security all contribute to enhanced opportunities for business.

A successful farm business treats succession and business planning seriously. Families that look at doing it before issues arise are better off than those that don’t. What does your future pathway look like?


Dairy Investment & Growth Opportunities in the Region (Cam Smith & Scott Rathbone)

There are many different opportunities for growth in the Murray Dairy Region. Scott Rathbone (CRC Agrisolutions) and Cameron Smith (Farmanco) will explore a range of strategies utilised by farmer clients.

Scott will focus on leasing and feed options with limited land ownership and Cameron will explore the strategies utilised by a successful farmer who expanded his dairy business despite the challenges of reduced water availability, lower milk price and adverse seasonal conditions.

Cameron Smith is a partner in Farmanco Pty Ltd. Farmanco provides farm management advice and services to over 500 farmer clients, undertakes project work for Government and the dairy industry, and delivers communication and training for the dairy industry. Farmanco Pty Ltd provides advice on: cash flow budgeting and budget monitoring, annual and development budgets, project evaluation and technical advice on all aspects of dairy farm management.

Scott Rathbone is a Director of CRC Agrisolutions. He has almost 20 years’ experience working in the dairy industry both on and off farm: initially as a share farmer and owner/manager of a 1300-cow grazing/feedlot enterprise. His expertise includes ruminant nutrition and pasture management, business analysis and cash flow budgeting, human resource management; and group facilitation.


Genomics and Feed Conversion Efficiency (Dr Ben Hayes)

Selective breeding is a fundamental driver of farm productivity that has allowed dairy farmers to measure and improve a broad range of traits.

New genomic technologies, using DNA marker information, are set to double the rate of genetic improvement and enable farmers to take advantage of selection for highly valuable traits such as feed conversion efficiency, lower methane emissions and fertility.

Dr Ben Hayes, Research leader will provide an overview Dairy Future CRC’s Breeding with Genomics Program.