Advanced Nutrition

Farmers in the Murray dairy region were the first to express the need for an advanced-level herd nutrition course which would enable them to further their knowledge and capabilities in herd nutrition management and work more productively with their advisers.

To undertake this course you will already have a solid grasp of dairy nutrition and feeding management and are now looking to take your capabilities to a higher level.

This course will help farmers and advisers to:

• talk more productively with other dairy farmers, advisers and product suppliers on the many aspects of herd nutrition,

• acquire and apply new approaches, information and tools in herd nutrition management to your farm or your clients’ farms,

• better integrate herd nutrition with the other components of the farm system - feedbase, animal performance, NRM, farm business management and people
• assess how key aspects of a farm’s herd nutrition program are performing, and identify and pursue opportunities for improvement,

• achieve farm goals related to herd nutrition through more effective teamwork,

• prepare to sit the Aust. Assoc. of Ruminant Nutrition (Nutritionists) member’s exam or the Aust. & NZ College of Vet. Scientists member’s exam (Vets)

*SPACES ARE LIMITED. Please enquire with Murray Dairy as soon as possible if you are interested in doing the course.

Click here to watch the youtube 3 minute video to find out more and contact Murray Dairy to register your interest for the program.

Click here for a copy of the course flyer