Accelerating Change Partner Farms

What is a Partner Farm?

The project will use a farm model similar to the Focus Farm Project to demonstrate and share information on how to adopt leading research and technology on farm.

To do this, two Partner Farms will work with a team of consultants, service providers, researchers and other farmers to define their business goals relating to pasture and irrigation management and achieve them on farm by adopting leading research and technology.

Lessons learnt from Partner Farms will then be shared closely with 30 Satellite Farms (support farms) who will road-test aspects of the research and technology in their businesses. Information from both the Focus Farms and the Satellite Farms will then be shared with a further 380 farmers through open days, farm walks, case studies and information material.

Partner Farms will be supported to develop and achieve their business goals by access to specialised advice and close monitoring and evaluation of current and future farm performance. Monitoring and evaluation will involve the collection of data on indicators such as dry matter production, water use efficiency, and feed utilisation.

Selected Partner Farms

Farm One

Tim and Lyndal Humphris


Tim and Lyndal Humphris milk 325 cows on 150 hectares at Tongala. The farm is an excellent example of a low cost, efficient and well laid out conventional gravity system with padman outlets. This system will be applicable to many dairy farmers in the region. The Humphris’ have a strong interest in innovation and technology and have begun to use soil moisture probes to improve irrigation management over perennial pastures and maize to increase water use efficiency as well as feed production. The Humphris aim to increase the use of soil moisture probes and install automation over their entire irrigation base to drive the efficiency and profitability of their system.

Both Tim and Lyndal are closely engaged in the dairy industry as well as their local community. Lyndal is a Fairley scholarship recipient, member of the Murray Dairy Regional Extension and Education Committee and has been a committee member of a number of local sporting and school committees. Tim is a former veterinarian, a Breed Society task force member for Herd Improvement Industry Strategic Steering Group and chair of the technical and interbreed committee of the Australian Red Dairy Breed. The Humphris’ have contributed to many research and extension projects in the region in the past and are involved in the Goulburn Dairy Business Discussion Group.

Farm Two

Don and Meg Stewart & Kelvin and Shelley Matthews


Don & Meg Stewart operate three properties and along with sharefarmers Kelvin and Shelley Matthews are participating in Accelerating Change primarily on their Yarrawalla property which totals 242 hectares and milks 600 cows. The majority of this property has been upgraded to a pipe and riser system with full automation. Their farm is an excellent example of a modernised system that has already incorporated the latest technology on farm, which many farmers in the region would aim for. The Stewarts and Matthews’ are looking to expand their use of soil moisture probes and more closely align individual paddock growth and utilisation with irrigation and other input application to drive efficiency and profitability.

The success of the Stewarts and the Matthews sharefarming arrangement, leading to clear dual benefits for both parties, is a leading example to the industry. Don and Meg are well established in the dairy industry and local community, hosting and participating in many past research and extension projects as well as sitting on sporting and school committees. Kelvin and Shelley are rising people in dairy industry and aim to not only succession to full ownership of their own property but also become industry leaders.

How to be involved

Registrations are also being taken for farms wanting to keep up-to-date with the project. For more information on becoming a satellite farm or how you can be involved, click here.

For more information on the Accelerating Change Project or Partner Farms please contact Amy Fay on 0400 911 286 or email