Accelerating Change

Accelerating Change

Do you want to be one of the first to see how new irrigation and pasture research and technology are used on farm?

Have you recently upgraded your irrigation infrastructure, or are you thinking about doing it?

Murray Dairy’s new project, Accelerating Change, is where you will see industry leaders in action and see the practical implementation of the latest research, showing you how good decisions are made.

All farms in the Murray Dairy region are able to register to be kept up-to-date with the project through a communication and extension program that will share the lessons learnt and opportunities and challenges that come with trialling new research and technology on farm.

By registering you will have access to all the information, data collected and lessons learnt on the partner and performance innovation team (PIT) farms as well as opportunities to participate in field days and other project events.

Click here to register to keep up-to-date with the project.    

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What is Accelerating Change?
What areas of technology or practice change will the project focus on?
Who are the partner farms?
Who are the performance innovation team (PIT) members?
How do I find out more information?
Project Newsletter
Accelerating Change Activity Update

What is Accelerating Change? 

Accelerating Change is a three-year project that aims to help farmers increase their home grown feed production, efficiency of pasture management and utilisation, and efficient use of irrigation water to reduce seasonal feed deficits.

The project will showcase how the leading farmers are using the latest research and technology to grow feed.

To do this, two partner farms will work with a team of consultants, service providers, researchers and other farmers to define their business goals relating to pasture and irrigation management and achieve them on farm by adopting leading research and technology.

Each partner farm will have a performance innovation team (PIT) comprising 15 farms that will discuss and provide feedback on how the partner farms are utilising the research and technology.

Farms participating in the PITs will get access to expert information and advice and will be able to take what they have learnt from the partner farms and apply it to their own farms.

The PIT farms will also road-test aspects of the research and technology in their businesses.

Information from both the partner farms and the PIT farms will then be shared with other farmers through open days, farm walks, case studies and information material. 

This project is funded by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources and Dairy Australia. 

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What areas of technology or practice change will the project focus on?

The project will focus on driving profitability by:

• Improving feedbase by:
o Increasing pasture and forage production and the effective utilisation of effective feed supplements to address feed gaps when pasture growth slows.
o Improving soil management by understanding profile, crop and water requirements
o Improving feed management by improving decision making

• Increasing irrigation efficiencies by:
o Demonstrating technology to achieve high rates of uptake and to refine application on farm.
o Highlighting irrigation modernisation achievements on leading farms and extending information to equip farmers to make decisions around other alternatives and technology on farm.

This will be done through close monitoring and data collection of existing farm performance, definition of business goals relating to these areas and development of strategies to meet these goals in conjunction with specialised advice, leading research and access to the latest technology.

Activities that will occur on partner farms will include:

• Measurement and monitoring of feed utilisation.

• In depth analysing of current farming system and future options.

• Monitoring of pasture and crop growth.

• Measuring and monitoring of other factors that drive profitability on farm e.g. business management, animal management etc.

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Who are the partner farms?

Tim and Lyndal Humphris from Tongala, and Don and Meg Stewart and Kelvin and Shelley Matthews from Yarrawalla have recently been announced as the Accelerating Change partner farms.

For more information on the partner farms click here

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Who are the performance innovation team (PIT) members?

Humphris Performance Innovation Team

Alistair Gibson
Phil Lang
Andrew Sebire
Peter and Susan Wearden
Paul and Kerrie Price
Gus McDonald 
Robert and Sandra Bacon
Nathan Shannon 
Scott Fitzgerald
Paul Mundy
James Shepherd
Young family
Greg Brentnall
Tony McCarthy 
Ash and Darren Galt
Gordon Emmett

Stewarts Performance Innovation Team

Monique & Mark Bryant
Stuart & Louise Murray
Gary & Di Bowles
Dehne Vinnicombe
Tim & Julie Hawken
Sophie Bruns
Tony Barbagello
Leigh Fletcher
Craig Lister
James Dillion
Leigh Verhay
Don & Meg Stewart
Kelvin Matthews
Rodney Stephens
Jason Heap

Project Newsletter

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How do I find out more information?

For more information contact Amy Fay, Project Manager, on (03) 5824 5535, Mobile: 0400 911 286 or