Financial Management for Boards and Committees - Wangaratta

Financial Management for Boards and Committees - Wangaratta


Do you rely mostly on your Treasurer’s advice to approve financial statements?

Can you find the story of how your organisation is performing from the maze of numbers on the page?

Want to know what to look for when reading financial papers?

Then this workshop is for you!
The workshop:
 The purpose of the different financial statements (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash flow)
 Financial Governance Essentials
 Questions Board or Committee members should ask of their financial statements
 Not for Profit Financial Management (budgets, cash flows, profit and financial obligations)

When: Wednesday 15th November,  4.30pm ‐ 6.30pm

Wangaratta Central Offices,  15‐17 Ely Street, Wangaratta

Suitable for:
Current members of community Boards and Committees of Management, those thinking about applying for Board positions, staff that report to Boards and Committees of Management

Bookings: There is no charge for this workshop but bookings need to be made through the Eventbrite online system:

Facilitators: AgBiz Assist team members Warwick Philpott and Pam Shephard
Based in Wodonga, AgBiz Assist provides support and services to assist people and communities improve financial prosperity and build social capacity across North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. Agribusiness team member Warwick Philpott and AgBiz Assist's Finance Officer Pam Shephard will gently guide you through the process of understanding financial reports.
Warwick and Pam hold qualifications in business, finance, property and agricultural economics.

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